In the recent past, many people are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes which have been proved to pose serious health risks to users. Electronic cigarettes do not contain the many dangerous chemicals that are found in regular cigarettes. Furthermore, they do not imperil non-smokers through second-hand smoke. E-cigarettes contain e-juice (or e-liquid), and choosing the right one can be a challenge owing to the wide range of e-juice flavors on the market. Whether you are a beginner or a regular vaper (user of e-cigarettes) , it is important to ensure that the e-juice you use is of the best quality. Here are some essential ejuice selection tips that will ensure that your vaping experience is safe, pleasurable and as smooth as possible.

Best E-juice Selection Tips

Match the nicotine levels with your personal needs

To start with, it is important to select the e-juice that has the right nicotine levels for your individual needs. This prevents ‘over-vaping’, where you end up spending more cash on e-juices than you would on regular cigarettes. For instance, if you have been smoking heavily, it is advisable to buy an e-juice with high nicotine levels. In case you wish to quit, you can progressively change to e-juices with lower nicotine levels all the way down to those that are completely nicotine-free. If you have never smoked a regular cigarette or used any nicotine-based product, there is little sense in becoming hooked to nicotine. In such a scenario, you are best served by an e-juice that has zero nicotine content.

Buy from credible sources

It is essential that you establish the legitimacy of the manufacturer of the e-juice that you want to use. Make sure that the source of the e-juice is listed by the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), which guarantees that it has been manufactured properly and adheres to high quality standards. Otherwise, buying the cheapest e-juice you find online may expose you to substandard or even harmful products. provides in depths reviews and information.

However, it is important to note that there are numerous new e-juice manufacturers popping up throughout the world, and a good number of these are credible enterprises. If you wish to try out their brands, check for authentic and positive user feedback on their websites. In addition, examine if they provide detailed documentation about themselves and the products they are offering.

Try various PG/VG ratios

Many e-juices normally combine liquid nicotine with vegetable glycerin(VG) and propylene glycol(PG) bases. E-juices with high PG content are more common and they are characterized by stronger throat hits. In addition, they are generally easier on the cartridges of the e-cigarettes. On the other hand, VG e-juices give off more vapor, have a faint sweet aftertaste and are softer on the user’s throat. The throat hit and cloud production levels will usually influence your perception of taste. You need to try out various PG/VG ratios so you can determine the one that you enjoy the most.

Be adventurous with flavors

One common complaint among vapers is getting the ‘vapers tongue’. This is where you get so used to a particular flavor that with time, you are unable to fully taste it .It is therefore advisable to buy a range of flavors or brands when buying your e-juice. Be adventurous and try out new and exotic tastes. Always ensure that your coils are clean before you try out any new flavors.

Opt for glass bottles

Always buy the e-juice that comes in glass bottles.Unlike plastic bottles,glass bottles do not contain harmful compounds,have a longer shelf-life,are recyclable,easier to sterilize and are are more eco-friendly.

Your E-juice must be packed using childproof caps

There have been reports of children dying after drinking vape juice.It is therefore advisable to ensure that the e-juice you buy is packed in containers that have childproof caps.